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Personalized, Preventative, Integrated Medicine 

Welcome! My name is Karen Baskett, and I am a Seattle-based Health & Wellness Coach who specializes in Maharishi Ayurveda Integrative Medicine.  

I founded Alpenglow Ayurveda LLC after seeing immense improvements in my own health using this ancient "science of life".

I found the root cause of my issues, and I followed a holistic healing action plan that integrated easily with my doctor's western medical advice. 


My goal is to educate and empower others to use this ancient wisdom to heal from within. Understanding the root cause of disease and addressing issues head on through our foods, behaviors, and thoughts is a holistic way of addressing illness that is missing from our current medical landscape.

In private sessions I provide a unique road map to healing that is based on your pulse and suited to your specific needs. The personalized approach and continued support of a coach keeps you accountable and shows you the path to your healthiest self.  

What are your health goals?

Let me help you get there!



Ayurveda is a natural system of medicine based on ancient Indian texts called the Rk Veda which provide us with the blueprint that we follow today as practitioners. Through reading the pulse, observing and listening, I learn your Prakriti (elemental constitution) and your Vikriti (which of the elements are imbalanced in the body, where and why).


During the initial consultation we discuss your general health and any major concerns, then I recommend balancing herbs, foods, therapies and behaviors that result in improved health, longer life and more spiritual fulfillment regardless of your gender, origin or religion.

At your follow-up appointment your pulse is read again, we discuss your progress and update your recommendations accordingly. The number of follow-up sessions needed depends on the severity of symptoms, and I am available for questions and support throughout the entire process.

The Maharishi consciousness-based approach to Ayurveda is unique because it recognizes the importance of meditation, and emphasizes the connection between mental health, quality of digestion and disease.

"What starts in the gut, can be healed in the gut"

~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

During our time together, you will learn your unique constitution, which foods to favor and which to avoid, and behaviors to help bring balance to your mind, body and spirit. I support you with a personalized and preventative approach to healing that integrates easily with western medicine solutions. 

I offer private, group and family health & wellness coaching throughout the Seattle region,

I am a guest speaker for corporate wellness events and destination retreats, and I teach Ayurveda seminars internationally.  


Not sure if Ayurveda is the right path for you?

Here are a few things to consider...

Do you want more energy and mental clarity?

Would you like to improve your digestion?

How would it feel to sleep soundly and wake up rested?

Are you curious about how rhythms of nature influence your health?

Do you have a chronic illness and want more support than pharmaceuticals can provide?

Are you craving time with a practitioner who takes time to listen to your concerns, explains answers to your questions with patience, and gives you practical solutions?

Are you ready to add alternative modalities of healing such as yoga, aromatherapy, breath work and herbal medicines but aren't sure where to begin?

If so, we are a GREAT FIT!

Contact me below and let's get started.

Services Offered

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Community Events

These community events give you a chance to learn the basics of Maharishi Ayurveda in an informal group setting, and to ask questions about how this ancient system of medicine applies to you and the ones you love.


I will define commonly used terms, break down the science behind the Maharishi Ayurveda theories presented, and will facilitate interactive activities (depending on the theme of the event) to solidify what you learn. Check the flyer for the next event offered.

About Me

My Story

I am a life-long athlete who is also a professional dancer, so I understand the rigorous training demands that active people place upon their bodies. I teach this knowledge to clients of all ages, and I specialize in helping those who regularly push their bodies to extreme limits.


My bachelor's degree is in Botany with an emphasis in Ethnobotany from NAU in Flagstaff where I studied along side local healers and became fascinated by the power of herbal medicine. I began studying Ayurveda during the pandemic, and tried several recipes using spices in my pantry. I immediately noticed improvements in my health once I made small adjustments to my diet and behaviors that were more in alignment with my body's needs, and felt a strong desire to share my experiences with others. 


I will complete my three-year master's degree in Maharishi Ayurveda and Integrated Medicine from Maharishi International University in December of 2023. There we receive in-person clinical training each semester on their Iowa campus and expert instruction from leaders in the field while practicing Transcendental Meditation as a part of our education.


The main goal of my practice is to educate and offer healing suggestions to those who seek support on their journey. I share science-based, ancient knowledge that empowers people to live healthier and longer lives. 

If you are searching for a knowledgeable, responsive and caring Ayurvedic Practitioner, contact me so I can help you restore and revitalize your health.

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"Human life is ignorance, we are all in the process of learning"

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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6606 1st Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115, USA

206 265 0937

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